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Foods That Don't Mix with Garbage Disposals

It may seem like your garbage disposal was built to grind up just about any kind of food you can throw at it, but in reality, disposals are extremely finicky. Plumbers field frequent calls for garbage disposal repairs because of damage caused by attempting to put the wrong kinds of foods down the drain. Protect your garbage disposal by keeping these foods away.


How could pasta be an enemy of your garbage disposal? After all, it’s soft and easy to break up, so it seems like it should just go right down the drain. The problem with pasta, however, is its ability to absorb. That may be great news for your sauce, but when you put it down your garbage disposal, it absorbs water and continues to grow, until it creates a blockage. This problem can also happen with rice for the same reason.


Most people know that you can’t pour grease down their drains, but they mistakenly believe that it can go down the garbage disposal because of the blades. In actuality, if the grease even makes it out of the pipes into the disposal trap, it will congeal and solidify, causing a messy blockage. Keep all oils and grease out of your drain, and throw them away in a sealed container in the trash instead.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds seem like they would not do any damage to your disposal. The issue is that coffee grounds are so tiny that your disposal can’t grind them up, and instead, they combine with water to make a thick sludge. Over time, that sludge can fill your pipes and prevent anything else from passing through.

Whether you’re dealing with a small plumbing problem, like a garbage disposal clog, or a major issue like a burst pipe, Red Wing Plumbing is here to help. Schedule a plumbing service call in Red Wing, MN by calling (651) 388-9692.

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