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Causes of Noisy Drains

Causes of Noisy Drains

Your drains should be seen and not heard, but sometimes, you may notice that they are gurgling, banging, and otherwise becoming a distraction. Noisy drains are usually signs of an underlying plumbing issue, so it is best to call a plumber to inspect them before the damage gets worse. Here are some of the most likely causes of noisy drains.


Does your drain gurgle and groan when water flows down it? If so, there is a good chance that you have an obstruction in your drain. Obstructions don’t have to be big to cause gurgling noise, but they can grow overtime and cause damage to pipes, which in turn can cause your pipes to leak and even burst. If you suspect you have an obstruction that is causing your drains to gurgle, call your plumber as soon as possible for repairs.


Squealing sounds are usually caused by a broken-down component, such as a washer or valve. The sound is more likely coming from inside your pipes or even your faucet than the drain itself, but it may seem like it is inside the drain. Any kind of broken part inside your plumbing can easily lead to leaks, which can drive up your water bills and cause damage inside your walls and under your flooring. It’s important to get repairs as soon as possible.

Banging or Vibrations

These noises are almost always caused by water pressure or water flow problems. It is difficult to diagnose these issues by yourself, since measuring the pressure and flow with professional tools is the best way to get an answer. Your plumber can then make the necessary adjustments to address the issue.

Whatever noise you hear from your drains, call Red Wing Plumbing and get the repairs you need to keep your systems intact. For plumbing services in Red Wing, call (651) 388-9692.

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