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How to Get the Most from Your New Hearing Aids

Getting hearing aids%20412-9813) can be life-changing, but it can also take some adjusting. As you get used to wearing your hearing aids, you’ll discover the best ways to use them and begin to experience the improvement in quality of life that comes from finally being able to hear clearly again. Your hearing professional will walk you through device-specific information about your hearing aids. These tips will also help you get the most from your devices.

Explore the Features

Most hearing aids have a range of features that allow you to get the best sound in every situation. Take the time to get to know your devices, including the features that help you use the telephone and the telecoil system%20412-9813) that works with the loop system that is installed in many public venues. Learn how to change the batteries and how to clean the devices, and play around with different settings. As you become more familiar with your hearing aids, it will become easier to use them effectively and practice proper maintenance.

Experiment in Different Environments

Test out your hearing aids in different environments, so you can get used to how they sound in different situations. Walking from room to room in your house can help you adjust to quiet spaces and spaces in which sound is increasing. Practice talking to just one person and to a group of people to see what extraneous noises you’re picking up. Listen to the radio and watch TV. At first, the level of sound may seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been hearing well for an extended period of time. However, with time, you’ll get used to a new way of hearing.

Adjust to Them Gradually

You may be surprised at how tired you feel after wearing your hearing aids%20412-9813) when they are new. This experience is normal. You can minimize this feeling by transitioning to wearing your hearing aids gradually. It won’t take long until you’re ready to wear them all day.

Let Advantage Care Hearing Center%20412-9813) help you help you improve your quality of life with hearing aids. To learn how this audiology practice can help you fight hearing loss in Fairbault, MN, call (507) 412-9813.

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