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Considering Hearing Aids? Here's What You Need to Know

Hearing loss can be frightening and frustrating, but if it is happening to you, you’re not alone. Nearly 38 million people are living with hearing loss in the U.S., with seniors being the most affected. Although it is not always possible to prevent hearing loss, help is available in the form of hearing aids. Small but powerful, hearing aids can help people regain their confidence in social situations and enjoy simple pleasures like television and music again. If you’re considering trying hearing aids, here are the facts you need to know.

There are multiple kinds of hearing aids.

There are two main categories of hearing aids : in-the-ear and behind-the-ear . In-the-ear, or ITE, hearing aids can sit completely inside the ear canal, or they can sit in the lower part of the outer ear. Low profile hearing aids, which can fill up the entire bowl of the outer area, are also considered to be ITE varieties. Behind-the-ear, or BTE, hearing aids have a small piece that loops over the ear with a piece that fits into the ear.

The kind of hearing aid you need depends on the kind of hearing loss you have.

Before you get a hearing aid , you will need to have your hearing tested. The amount of hearing loss you have will determine which kinds of devices will give you the best results. Your hearing center specialist will help you choose devices that meet both your hearing needs and your aesthetic preferences.

Regular hearing tests are important to get the best results.

Once you are fitted for hearing aids, having regular hearing tests will allow you to continue to get the best results possible from your devices. Your hearing specialist will test your hearing and determine if any adjustments need to be made to your hearing aid settings.

At Advantage Care Hearing Center in Faribault, MN, Jayne Bongers offers hearing tests, hearing aids, and device repairs to help you overcome the frustration of hearing loss. To schedule an appointment, call (507) 412-9813.

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