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4 Simple Tips on Maintaining your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are not just an investment in equipment, they are a bridge to your family, friends and all the special moments in your life. So why struggle with hearing aid issues when a few simple steps can help prevent many common problems? Hearing aids need a little basic maintenance to work their best, and your local hearing aid center is ready to help you with everything from cleaning to battery replacement. Here are four easy ways to ensure you hear every important word throughout your day.

Keep water out. Moisture is often the cause of many problems with hearing aids. Keep it out! Although basic protective covers are good against perspiration or light rain, heavy rain or full immersion during activities like swimming can short out delicate circuitry. Use a drying container to keep your hearing aid moisture free. Be sure to remove the batteries first!

Clean your hearing aid. Dust, dirt and earwax should be removed with a soft dry cloth. Earmolds should be detached from the hearing aid and cleaned with a mild soap solution and left to air dry or dried with a forced air blower. Never use a hair dryer because the heat can damage or deform the earmold.

Avoid hairspray and other aerosols. Apply beauty products and cosmetics first, then put on your hearing aids. Chemical compounds used in aerosol sprays can enter the hearing aid and corrode its internal components. Never touch your hearing aid with lotions or creams from your hands. Sticky lotions also trap dust on your device. Wipe your hands dry first, then handle your hearing aids.

Check the battery. A simple battery test will show you how much power it has left and how soon battery replacement is needed. Turning off hearing aids when they are not in use can extend battery life, but they typically last anywhere from one to two weeks.

Remember, a local hearing aid center is a great resource for obtaining regular equipment care. Stop by Advantage Care Hearing Center in Faribault, MN to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hearing aids.

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