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Plumbing Problem? Know When to Call a Professional

Plumbing Problem? Know When to Call a Professional

When you run across a genuine plumbing emergency, it’s important to have a professional’s contact information on hand so that you can phone for help right away. The question is, of course, when a plumbing issue qualifies as serious. These are some situations that call for a professional plumber’s assistance:

Sewer backups

Sewer backups are a hazard to your health as well as your property, so you should always treat them as a plumbing emergency. The backup could be caused by an intruding tree root, a clog inside the line, or even a pipe that has collapsed. If any of your bathroom drains are backing up, the problem won’t go away on its own—you need a professional to resolve the problem for you.

Leaking faucets

If you have a bathroom faucet that persistently leaks, it’s easy to treat it as a minor annoyance. Over time, however, that wasted water adds up; if you leave the problem untreated, your leak could drip hundreds of gallons’ worth of water annually. Not only is that bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for your pocketbook. If you can’t stop that faucet from dripping, it’s time to turn to a plumber for help.

Burst pipes

If you notice water pooling around your pipes, you find dark stains on your drywall, or your water pressure has mysteriously dropped, it could be the result of a burst pipe. When the temperature falls below freezing in winter, it can cause the water running through your system to expand and pipes to burst. If you don’t respond to a burst pipe immediately, you can find yourself with extensive—and expensive—property damage on your hands.

If you’re confronting a plumbing crisis in your home, don’t hesitate to call a qualified professional for the help you need. The experienced technicians at Red Wing Plumbing are on call to help you with any and all plumbing emergencies in Red Wing, MN. You can reach them by calling (651) 388-9692.

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